2019 Performance (As Of: 08/31/2019)

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Manager Fund Symbol Fund Name 10 Year AAR 5 Year AAR 3 Year AAR 1 Year AAR
Glen Brownworth GMF glenbo_nj's Mutual Fund 20.32 27.17 26.43 -12.53
Wayne Himelsein LFF Logica Focus Fund 15.98 13.19 12.20 -14.54
Robert Frazier OMF The Medium Term Value Fund 17.31 13.10 13.17 0.08
Tony Mitchell APMIF APM Internet Fund 23.56 12.08 19.49 1.39
Gorden Lam GVF Gorden's Value Fund 15.66 9.95 11.21 -8.22
Craig Caplan LDGF Lagniappe Dividend Growth Fund - 8.79 3.75 -13.98
John Archer TAB Tabernacle Fund - 8.35 11.17 4.87
Michael Rivers RCAP Rivers Capital 12.61 8.11 10.14 1.38
Mike Durzan NBNN nothing but no net 10.37 7.38 9.24 -13.03
Rex Jacobsen RMF Beat The Stock Market.com 14.22 6.97 13.88 -9.21
Eugene Groysman EMF EG Master Fund 8.45 6.53 12.02 -4.76
Dan Wieman DWVMF Capital Value Fund 11.29 5.24 14.01 2.81
Kyle Harden KMF Harden Focus Fund 12.38 4.43 10.33 -10.29
Nate Pile NMF npile's Mutual Fund 14.09 3.77 6.20 -9.37
Todd Hagopian HIBEV Hagopian Institute BioMed Extreme Value - 1.62 4.86 -9.33
Rahul Garg RMF rgarga's Mutual Fund - 0.89 1.15 -6.56
Marcus Eder CIAF Crossy's Industry Analysis Fund 11.73 0.86 1.70 -18.02
steve kuster aval Value Focus Fund 10.28 0.44 3.43 -16.33
Thomas Krouse AGBF AdvisorCFA's Global Balanced Fund -3.74 -0.55 6.70 1.43
Ivan Kollar IMF ivankollar's Mutual Fund - -0.86 -3.45 -5.60
gbravo bravo BRZ Greg Bravo's "Best Ideas Fund" -1.30 -1.63 -2.05 -4.13
James Brumley SLO2 James Brumley - Multi-Cap Growth/Multi Style Portfolio 8.93 -2.07 -2.86 -4.32
Mike Koza TGF Torrid Growth Fund -2.82 -7.36 -1.26 -13.97
Justin Uyehara HMF JU fund 4.15 -9.00 -11.62 -27.16
Thomas Krouse ENRGY AdvisorCFA's Global Energy Fund -7.13 -10.25 2.02 -7.11
Geoffrey Cheng GMF Fund - -24.57 -44.07 -74.94
Gorden Lam GDF Gorden's Dividend Fund - - -1.33 -1.77
Kyle Harden HTFF Harden Tech Focus Fund - - - -5.75
Dave Woloch DXF DXF2 Fund - - - -6.66

Fund Has A Real Money GIPS Composite

Fund Has Outperformed All Mutual Funds

Fund Has Outperformed 75% Of Mutual Funds

Fund Has Outperformed 50% Of Mutual Funds

Fund Not Ranked For Period For Not Following SEC Compliance Rules

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