2018 Performance (As Of: 11/30/2018)

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Manager Fund Symbol Fund Name 10 Year AAR 5 Year AAR 3 Year AAR 1 Year AAR
Glen Brownworth GMF glenbo_nj's Mutual Fund 25.05 26.76 29.90 16.79
Todd Hagopian HIDEV Hagopian Institute Defense Extreme Value - 15.68 16.86 6.99
Raymond Meyers BSMF Broad Spectrum Mutual Fund 17.83 13.95 15.77 5.69
Wayne Himelsein LFF Logica Focus Fund 16.25 13.78 11.87 -7.89
Tony Mitchell APMIF APM Internet Fund 30.15 13.11 21.13 8.47
Robert Frazier OMF The Medium Term Value Fund 18.14 12.86 9.84 3.91
Craig Caplan LDGF Lagniappe Dividend Growth Fund - 12.47 12.48 -0.75
Gorden Lam GVF Gorden's Value Fund 19.02 10.96 9.11 5.04
Michael Rivers RCAP Rivers Capital 15.22 9.59 12.81 5.41
Mike Durzan NBNN nothing but no net 13.96 9.21 12.11 -0.02
Nate Pile NMF npile's Mutual Fund 17.70 8.99 5.68 -6.71
Eugene Groysman EMF EG Master Fund 11.18 8.42 11.49 7.53
Rex Jacobsen RMF Beat The Stock Market.com 16.94 7.86 18.34 19.80
John Archer TAB Tabernacle Fund - 7.48 6.58 5.31
Todd Hagopian HIBEV Hagopian Institute BioMed Extreme Value - 6.92 -3.46 -13.57
Kai Petainen KAI Kai Petainen's Fund 15.96 6.71 6.24 -0.72
Ivan Kollar IMF ivankollar's Mutual Fund - 6.00 0.69 -1.27
Marcus Eder CIAF Crossy's Industry Analysis Fund 18.03 5.63 3.18 -14.51
Dan Wieman DWVMF Capital Value Fund 14.02 5.55 6.83 11.50
steve kuster aval Value Focus Fund 13.97 4.23 6.24 -9.36
Rahul Garg RMF rgarga's Mutual Fund - 4.20 2.35 -2.62
Bruce Pile BPMF The Turtle Fund 1.31 1.55 1.74 2.17
Thomas Krouse AGBF AdvisorCFA's Global Balanced Fund -0.58 1.06 4.17 -8.65
Geoffrey Cheng GMF Fund - -0.89 -2.50 -34.90
gbravo bravo BRZ Greg Bravo's "Best Ideas Fund" -1.14 -1.27 -1.46 -2.38
Dave Woloch DMF dwoloch's Mutual Fund 6.70 -1.98 0.54 -8.88
James Brumley SLO2 JBrumley/BPM SLO2 Fund 14.85 -2.29 -3.53 4.62
Mike Koza TGF Torrid Growth Fund 10.92 -3.40 5.94 0.92
Thomas Krouse ENRGY AdvisorCFA's Global Energy Fund -5.21 -8.41 3.30 -12.27
Justin Uyehara HMF JU fund 13.97 -8.95 -15.71 -8.33
Gorden Lam GDF Gorden's Dividend Fund - - - -5.22

Fund Has A Real Money GIPS Composite

Fund Has Outperformed All Mutual Funds

Fund Has Outperformed 75% Of Mutual Funds

Fund Has Outperformed 50% Of Mutual Funds

Fund Not Ranked For Period For Not Following SEC Compliance Rules

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